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I had to learn the hard way.... A year ago I was in Colorado and purchased a 200ml of Farenheit at a store like Perfumania (may have been perfumania) Anyway, I opened the bottle and immediately notice it was different... It had a strong alcohol smell and the actual scent was very subtle. Authentic FARENHEIT by Dior is spicy, rich and Sexy...there is very little alcohol if any when you spray it on AND the scent lingers beautifully for hours and hours. Perfumania fragrances Do NOT. Wanting to prove myself correct... I decided to go to Macy's and compare the Farenheit by Dior they were selling. I asked the clerk for her opinion to see if she noticed a difference... the look on her face said it all! Macy's Farenheit was TRUE BLUE- THE REAL THING. I purchased a bottle from them $20.00 more for the same bottle purchased at Perfumania. Then I went back to the Knock off store and informed them that the product they sold me was not the Real thing.... I brought out the bottle purchased at Macy's and had them smell the difference.... They immediately REFUNDED MY MONEY.

Here is ... the hard lesson learn part of the story...

I visiting the Seattle Outlet stores and there was a Perfumania store.... Now I couldn't remember if the store in Colorado was Perfumania or not so I just trusted the sales clerk who honestly told me all the Perfumes in here are TRUE AUTHENTIC FRAGRANCES straight from the Factory's from around the world ie: Paris France. I wanted to buy another 200ml of Farenheit by Dior priced at $86. Still feeling skeptical but wanted to believe her every word... I decided to share my experience in Colorado with her and her co-worker. They were surprised but reassured me the Perfume was the Real Thing... OK I said. I bought the fragrance and opened it up on the spot... And to my dismay I had been had again!!!! I said to the ladies this is a KNOCKOFF! I want a refund PLEASE. I am sorry the clerk said ... Once opened and sprayed we DO NOT give refunds of money back! Here is the head office telephone number ... call them.

I am trying to get in touch with the head office now and will keep you informed as to what transpires.

Things to look for when buying from Perfume outlet stores.... Bar Codes on the box/packaging.... I compared the packaging with a department store clerk and she noticed there was no bar code on the Perfumania Farenheit box.

I am also contacting Farenheit in Paris, France. Curious to know if their Product is being Pirated!


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Also, Perfumania does give refunds withing 30 days for unopened packages. All details are stated on the back of the receipt. If you really are unsatisfied with your product you should insist on returning it and if the manager refuses please call Perfumaninas customer service line and they will do everything in their power to make their customers happy.

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Perfumania is not fake.You can go to their website and see certificates of authenticity.

In fact, perfumania are the chemists of most of the products they sell; such as Paris Hilton, Kenneth Cole, and others. They also do not pay for advertising, so they don't have to raise their pricing to the department store price. Some brands such as Dolce and Gabbana or Gucci do not allow them to sell their products as the others are sold. For example, Perfumania has BOGO promotions (buy on get one) for 14.99 or 19.99, etc.

and the companies that they are partnered or contracted with do not want them selling their perfumes for BOGO prices. Also, Perumania has many investors that your may recognize, Jay-Z being one of them. Let's say Perfumanina was fake; they would be sued for false advertising and everything else that you can think of. If you have ever bought a fake/imitation fragrance (Jeans Wearhouse), you will notice that something on the package is not right.

For example, the real Ralph Lauren would be spelled like so, and a fake/imitation would forget a letter looking like this, Ralph Luren or be called something else. It would have something missing because leagally, you can not impersonate and sell something you don't own the copyright too. Oh and another thing . .

. Your body chemistry is a major reason on why a fragrance isn't lasting on you.

As well as the fact if it is a perfume of toilet.I am not sorry to say I love Perfuming and...

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to Anonymous #1368353

Ur a ***


I bought three different Bottles at Christmas time for a total of $125 I've been noticing for the last week or so that it smells don't last and I have to use a lot of product to get any kind of smell I started wondering if they're fake sad to hear this.


I just bought a bottle of Acqua Di Gio....Totally not the real deal.

Very weak and subtle.And of course, the Perfumania on the Woodburn Outlets (Oregon) refused to do anything since it had been opened.


Perfumania owns parlux and five star fragrances.Not only do they OWN most of the fragrances that they sell, but they have contracts with the designers to be able to offer the product at lower prices.

If you actually did any research you would see often times these designers pair with perfumania for launches of their new product.

ALSO, selling knockoffs with the designers name on it is ILLEGAL. So if the dolce and gabanna they sold WITH THEIR LOGO, their SEAL on the box, and their NAME, all three of which are COPYRIGHTED, D&G could sue them. And trust me, D&G would sue.

Perfumania is the largest perfume distributor in the country, so D&G definitely would have heard of them.

Moral of the story:

THEYRE NOT KNOCKOFFS.You're just an ***.

to Anonymous #1368355

Are u crazy as ***!?!So u think Tom Forc is paired with this *** hole??!!

NOPE !!I know better and bet u have a diaper on ur head Apoo!!


The store is Perfumania.... Happened to me also and I always thought it was fake just didn't know for sure....happened to me with Juicy couture. The smell was very subtle and I knew something was wrong when it wore off in a hour.

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The store you're talking about is not perfumania. It is Fragrance outlet inc

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I found this site because I got perfume from said store and it is darker than the original and doesn't smell the same.Knockoff?

Out of date?Not sure but it is not the same.

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