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I had to learn the hard way.... A year ago I was in Colorado and purchased a 200ml of Farenheit at a store like Perfumania (may have been perfumania) Anyway, I opened the bottle and immediately notice it was different... It had a strong alcohol smell and the actual scent was very subtle. Authentic FARENHEIT by Dior is spicy, rich and Sexy...there is very little alcohol if any when you spray it on AND the scent lingers beautifully for hours and hours. Perfumania fragrances Do NOT. Wanting to prove myself correct... I decided to go to Macy's and compare the Farenheit by Dior they were selling. I asked the clerk for her opinion to see if she noticed a difference... the look on her face said it all! Macy's Farenheit was TRUE BLUE- THE REAL THING. I purchased a bottle from them $20.00 more for the same bottle purchased at Perfumania. Then I went back to the Knock off store and informed them that the product they sold me was not the Real thing.... I brought out the bottle purchased at Macy's and had them smell the difference.... They immediately REFUNDED MY MONEY.

Here is ... the hard lesson learn part of the story...

I visiting the Seattle Outlet stores and there was a Perfumania store.... Now I couldn't remember if the store in Colorado was Perfumania or not so I just trusted the sales clerk who honestly told me all the Perfumes in here are TRUE AUTHENTIC FRAGRANCES straight from the Factory's from around the world ie: Paris France. I wanted to buy another 200ml of Farenheit by Dior priced at $86. Still feeling skeptical but wanted to believe her every word... I decided to share my experience in Colorado with her and her co-worker. They were surprised but reassured me the Perfume was the Real Thing... OK I said. I bought the fragrance and opened it up on the spot... And to my dismay I had been had again!!!! I said to the ladies this is a KNOCKOFF! I want a refund PLEASE. I am sorry the clerk said ... Once opened and sprayed we DO NOT give refunds of money back! Here is the head office telephone number ... call them.

I am trying to get in touch with the head office now and will keep you informed as to what transpires.

Things to look for when buying from Perfume outlet stores.... Bar Codes on the box/packaging.... I compared the packaging with a department store clerk and she noticed there was no bar code on the Perfumania Farenheit box.

I am also contacting Farenheit in Paris, France. Curious to know if their Product is being Pirated!


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Carrollton, Kentucky, United States #908849

Perfumania does not sell knock off fragrances , the more expensive fragrances are purchased in bulk to get them at a lower price .Then they are distributed to all of the different perfumania stores in the country , Did you not notice that the more expensive fragrances were not included in the B1G1 14.99 or how much it was at that time ?

Because that would cause them to lose to much money . That is why typically those fragrances are 20% off and are not included in the B1G1 sales they host. They are almost the cost of macys / dillards/ sephora pricing , those other stores that i just mentioned don't care about selling their perfume/ cologne at a higher price because they have other things to make up their profit ( such as clothes , shoes , home decor). Therefore they don't need to worry to much about perfume making up a big percent of their profit because it doesn't .

With Perfumania on the other hand they do base their profit off of perfume/ cologne , even though they do sell other cosmetics and personal care items , it is called perfumania for a reason .Do us all a favor and don't be so ignorant , the world doesn't need more.

Palos Hills, Illinois, United States #807574

You obviously didn't learn your lesson the first time around, but you decided to go back to the same store, albeit a different location to buy perfume.Then, you are going around telling everyone that these are knockoff perfumes.

You could and should be held for liable. That would be against the law to sell fake perfumes like that. You are going around telling people you've BEEN HAD, when in fact, you were trying to do the very same thing to a real department store.

Meaning, you were going to "show them," by not paying them the full price they ask for their perfumes by going elsewhere.You can't go around telling people that Perfumania sells knock offs unless you want to get sued.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #802616

You all do realize Perfumania owns parlux right?They make A majority of the celebrity fragrances.

Why would they sell knock off of something they created? There's also a million other fragrance stores with similar names (perfumorama for example). Do your research people. You probably just got a old bottle.

I've been shopping at Perfumania for years.

Had one bad experience with a Kenneth Cole cologne, contacted Kenneth Cole directly and told them where I bought it and they replaced it.They know of Perfumania as a legitimate business.


Perfumania actually have retail stores in the malls.You can't have knockoff stores as an actual retail store smh.

The FBI are always monitoring things like this so they are legit dude. They carry overstocked and discontinued perfumes and sell them at a discount because of that, they are the real fragrances.

You can also buy from them online.


This whole story just makes me die of laughter. Lets start with the fact that you're not even SURE that is was a Perfumania. Based off the fact that I used work at one in an Outlet Mall, I know for a FACT the other fragrance shops in the mall tell people we are the same company as them, and have even printed our name on their receipts (sounds like you went wrong here) Secondly, let me educate you on what to look for in a "knockoff"

1. There is a small number on the bottom of every bottle, always. This is a batch number and should ALWAYS match the number imprinted in the box.

2. Dior fragrances are always sealed with a CD sticker. - You would know this if you swear up and down you know this scent

3. Look for glass imperfections/misspellings - they do this for legal protection.

Next, do your freaking research as a consumer! Do you always believe what your told when you walk into a store? I sure as *** don't. There is this thing called the internet that you can find amazing facts about companies! So heres some on the one you're slandering on the internet:

- They are a public company! Check out their stock and maybe buy some!

- There are over 370+ stores, and constantly growing

- Recognized by Fourtune 500 companies that we are indeed authentic

- There are FIVE subsidiaries of Perfumania

- As a wholesaler, they distribute to several other places you probably claim you "bought the one that smells right"...

- They own Parlux (plus four others), the company that manufactures all the Celebrity lines (i.e; Paris Hilton, Riannah, Snooki, Kim Kardashian, ect.)

And thats just to name a few. So next time you want to stomp your feet around and get mad because "you got had", you might want to take a moment to make sure you don't end up looking like a carless, uninformed consumer because frankly, no one in their right mind would ever trust your opinion or review of anything, especially this.

Lastly, act your wage. You're the one trying to get a discount on Dior, just as pathetic as people begging for a discount on Gucci.

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to FewFacts #872833

Just as the switch is there for your safety, everybody says so, so it must be right. Ask the Jews, Germany had a valid point and was backed up by law so it rights because everyone says right, remember, the worlds flat and your hallucinating citizen take your meds and trust your superiors.


I am sorry about your situation!!You should be very skeptical of any Christian Dior fragrances that are anymore than 10-15 percent lower than retail.

Reason for this is the wholesale prices for Christian Dior is very expensive!! Even more expensive than Georgio Armani!! I have been selling fragrances for over twenty five years in western Ma at malls. We have never had fake or knock offs.

However other malls have had them, and we usually call the FBI and sometimes assist their investigation. These people give others a bad name. If you ever need fragrances that you can trust at rock bottom prices, The Perfume Guy in the Holyoke Mall ( 2nd largest in new England at the crossroads of I-91 and I-90. Phone number 413-532-9296.

There are only a handful of stores in the country that have the variety we have as well!! ( over 2,000 different scents, with many rare and discontinued fragrances. His knowledge (stan the man with the Perfume plan! ) is astounding.

Call him sometime, he will beat any online Price --except eBay due to large amounts of fakes!

It is a large volume, family business with low overhead.This is how my sister, brother, father and I save people money and make an honest living.

to Perfume guy Carrollton, Kentucky, United States #908852

Giorgio Armani

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #598815

Oh :upset pls be smart, dont u know that your body change!!! If u found that smell different is becuase your body chemystri changed....

to lola #642773

Some fragrances change over the years.Sometimes your body chemistry changes.

Sometimes a fragrance you smell on someone else will not smell as well on you.

However there are fake fragrances.

They make fakes of the expensive fragrances that are popular.In over 20 years of selling fragrances, I have yet to see a ripped off version of adidas or anything else that goes for under 25-30 dollars

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