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Whilst working in the USA i bought a 100ml bottle of Dior Pure Poison perfume as a birthday present for my wife, When i got home to the UK i gift wrapped the box. on my wifes birthday i gave her the box which she opened and was amazed then dissappointed when we discovered that it contained an empty 50ml bottle, I wrote to Perfumania and asked for a replacement or a refund, the request was denied as they said that they could not accept a claim after 3 days, after several email conversations they offered $40 gift card or online voucher, which is of no use to me as i live in the UK and the postage costs would be more than the amount of the voucher they have offered me.

So in effect what they are saying is that if you dont open the goods to check that the contents are what you think you are buying before 3 days is up then you have on claim.

Monetary Loss: $76.

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Renton, Washington, United States #1252998

I hate to tell you this my friend, but you were a victim of unintended disorganization in the store. The store manager had recently made a new tester for the Pure Posion, opened the 100ml box, pulled out the full bottle to use as the new tester, and put the old tester bottle, the empty 50ml inside.

I'm sure she or he intended to write it out or dispose of it but before they could, they got distracted. Another employee came along, saw the box sitting by the register, didn't know what it was, and put it back on the shelf. Out of sight, out of mind and then it unknowingly got sold to you. It wasn't on purpose and it was just one of those 1 in 100, off-chance sort of things, but you were the one it happened to.

How do I know? I accidentally did the exact same thing when I was a store manager, except my empty bottle in the box was a men's Ferrari product and not nearly as expensive as Dior. I've never forgotten accidentally selling it to the customer but he was also an absolute *** to me when I was brand-new, so I kind of figured it was karma.

Not saying you're a ***, though. It just happens.

Sorry to hear about the Issue. Always buy from Reliable Source. :cry Try Ebay USA.

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