I recently purchased $245.06 dollars worth of products from Perfumania. The Versace Bright Crystal, Gucci Guilty, Jlo Glow Miami and Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

I thought this was a pretty good deal as I was receiving four well known perfumes for alteast 5 - 10 dollars cheaper than the regular price. On receiving the boxes, they were neatly packaged and nothing was broken. The problem started when I tested each bottle. The Versace smells entirely of ALCOHOL!!!!

Literally rubbing alcohol with a slight hint of the original scent, the euphoria does not even last for a couple minutes on my clothing and the gucci guilty was barely there. The only perfume that smelled like the original fragrance was the JLO Glow miami which i might add was the cheapest of the lot. So i went to Sehpora to test the perfumes and the attendant told me they were watered down!!!!! I WAS SO ENRAGED!

SO THEY ARE SELLING KNOCK OFFS AND ADVERTISING THEM AS REAL!!!! The crazy part is if you wanted to buy a knock off you wouldnt buy it here for literally 75 or 80 dollars for a 85 dollar bottle COME ON! I WILL never ever SHOP HERE AGAIN!

And if you are wise you will never shop here either!

Monetary Loss: $245.

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New York, New York, United States #832865

I recently Purchased 3 different colognes for myself and 2 for my wife

from Perfumania, and thought that i was getting a great deal,

but upon using the colognes i soon realized that this company is a total

fraud, their perfumes are all watered down to the core

the scent lasts for 10 minutes and no trace thereafter

my wife had the exact same experience and asked me right off if this was bought from a reputable company so buyers beware knockoffs one can buy at a much lower discount then these guys are giving you i am shocked that Amazon still carries this company

Palos Hills, Illinois, United States #807577

NO they are not selling knockoffs. That's against the law.

Perhaps the product they sell are not as "fresh" as what you might find at a real department store, but not knockoffs. Get a clue and educate yourself before opening your mouth and opening yourself up to a lawsuit for liable. Who spends $245 on perfume at a discount perfume store, where they are still being sold at department stores, to save $10 a bottle, then complain about it?

YOU! You thought you were going to have one over on the department stores for paying less but instead you've been had by your own greed.

to ChanelGirl #865042

Chanelgirl is probably a perfumania employee

to ChanelGirl New York, New York, United States #919813

Stop it!!! They're knockoffs and cheap quality.

Was in one of the stores 2day, smelled a cologne and walked out. He'll no.lol

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